Behrash Gang Saw
M-KH Gang Saw

Yekta Sanat Gang Saw is a branding stone Machinery. A Stone Proseccing And Cutting Machinery from iran

Yekta Sanat Gang Saw industry collection of Machinery Company (Yekta Sanat Co.) Manager: Mr. Ghafari

.Field of Activity : Producer and making all of quarries and cutting stone Machinery

Gang Saw 2017

Exclusive Advantages of Yekta Sanat Gang Saw:

Uniform and smooth cutting
Direct impact on the entire production line
Full automation without the need for operator
Advanced protection for machine safety
Energy efficiency and inverter installability

Specifications Unit Amount
Dimensions (H ×W×L)  mm 5100 ×5150 ×13500
Maximum Block Size  mm 2000×2000×3200
Number of Blades  n  80
Main Electric Motor Power  Kw/hp 150/110
Electric Motor Power for Block Lifting Kw/hp  10/5/7
Blade Stroke  mm  800
Flywheel Rotational Speed  rpm 93-90
Minimum Stone Thickness  mm  15
Control System تمام اتوماتیک
Weight  kg  60000

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