Single saw blade

Single saw blade

Machine featuring greater working dimensions for blades with maximum diameter of 1.700 mm.

Its rigid structure, strong construction and well-dimensioned beam limit the vibrations and assure the optimal use of diamond blades. The result is a more precise cut and a longer tool life.

Single saw blade can be equipped with an automatic strip unloader.

Single saw blade is simple and responsive to controls. A user-friendly interface helps you to work better, proposing the most suitable cutting parameters and guaranteeing the continuous memorization of work data.

Warnings are shown on the monitor as well as the technical and statistical data on production and machine operation, which assist the operator in controlling and managing the work. Moreover, the monitor automatically signals the operator when preventive maintenance is required. The machine is controlled by a PLC system.

The movement of both the spindle-holding carriage and the beam are in an oil bath, always precise, rapid and well protected. Once the beam has reached the correct position, it is blocked laterally on the bridges by means of a double oil-pressure device.

The two bridges move on sliding blocks with play adjustment along the guides, which are housed inside the columns, well protected by labyrinth seals. The spindle-holding carriage is moved horizontally by an electric motor controlled by an inverter.

The 550 mm ø horizontal blade spindle is mounted vertically on one side of the carriage and it can be adjusted in height by a rack and pinion assembly powered by a reducer with invertercontrolled A/C motor. The unit is equipped with a mechanism for the automatic compass movement of the blade. The rectified and dynamically balanced spindle shaft guarantees an exceptional precise rotation.