Gang Saw and 80 blades Stone Cutter

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Gang Saw and 80 blades Stone Cutter Machine for marble

Getting to know the stone cutting machine
Stone cutting machines are divided into two categories:
• Fixed coping stone saw
• Mobile coupe stone saw

Fixed coupe stone saw
The function of rock saws with a coupe is that the coupe or rock carcass is adjusted by the carriage under the blade so that the fixed blade, which is moved by the long rod, cuts the rock back and forth and cuts downward.

Movable coupe stone saw

Due to the high sales of slabs for internal and external use, most stone-cutting factories use movable coupe saws or slab saws.
The operation of this type of stone cutting saw is that 80 or 120 blades in a horizontal reciprocating frame cut the rock cup moving upwards at a controlled speed.
Due to the ability to cut stone up to two meters, the use of a large number of cutting blades and the high technology used in the control and power transmission system of this device, it has a very high efficiency and reduces time and energy. .

Marble saw parts:
• Stone candle
• Number of cutting blades
• The total width of the blades
• Number of strokes per minute
• Cutting period
• Main electric motor power
• Electric power of the lift motor
• Minimum and maximum cutting speed
• Amount of electrical energy consumption
• Fast download speed
• Average level of noise pollution
• car
• Amount of water consumed
• Weight of the car



This system reduces to a minimum problem of the blade holder frame. It greatly reduces maintenance costs because it does not require replacement like the traditional sideways, this articulated rectilinear guides is easy maintenance and less cost.

2. Equal Distribution of Mechanical Thrust Over all Machine Component

♦All the energy and mechanical thrust towards the blade holder is spread on two connecting rods and two cranks instead of just one.

♦The two connecting rods which are attached to the extremes of the blade holder help the articulated guides to ensure that it is movement remains perfectly rectilinear without any deviation. This is especially important when there are more blades on one side of the frame ( the machine applies greater pressure where there are more blades), and when the blocks are of different heights (because initially more pressure would be applied on the higher block).


which worm screws of the Block trolley platform are situated above the columns and Lubricated Automatically.


Details of the battery unit. The battery supports have been designed to allow easy maintenance and facilitate the replacement of the roller bearings without having to break the cement foundations. The flywheel weights 8 tons and has a diameter of 3300mm


The lifting system with inverter of the block trolley platform.

6. Motor

The motor with hydraulic converter can saving the electric, and more safe to the machine.

Stone cutting saw machine

Amin mashin site stone sawing machine Isfahan stone processing and stone cutting machine is designed and built to cut all kinds of stone chips.
The design of the stone saw machine was based on the reverse engineering method of the Italian SIMAC saw, which was then localized by talented Iranian engineers.
Amin Machine website Isfahan’s stone processing and quarrying machine, such as the production of advanced machines in accordance with international standards and exports to more than 10 countries, has been awarded the title of the best exporter.
The correct selection of materials in all the mechanical parts of this machine, from the flywheel, saw connecting rod, guide bushings and main shaft produced in the factory to the purchase of bearings, belts, and bearings from the best in the world, has been made with the necessary sensitivity and precision.
Also, the engineers of the company have been very careful in the design and installation of electrical and electronic equipment such as electric motor, PLC switchboard, in order to have the highest efficiency in the stone production of the quarry plant while complying with environmental standards, saving energy.
Adhering to the exact principles of painting and precision in controlling the coating of three layers of epoxy paint on the body of the machine, the automatic lubrication system of the machine, is one of the features of Areh Amin Machine of Isfahan. It was produced and installed with the same quality as foreign machines.

In the design and construction of parts and structures of the saw machine site of Amin Machine The stone processing and stone cutting machine of Isfahan has been made with high precision so that in addition to the stone cutting speed and the cutting quality of the stone cutting cup, the machine has high performance and life during its operation.

One of the features of the stone sawing machine of Amin Machine site The stone processing and stone cutting machine of Isfahan can be mentioned as follows.

• Design and implementation of the foundation of the device
• Creating minimal vibration at high speeds
• Creating the same thickness at the beginning and end of the cut
• The lowest blade wear and increase in the quality of the manufactured product
• Increasing production efficiency and reducing production waste
• Automatic lubrication of the device
• Saving electricity and energy
• Ease in repairs and maintenance
• Supply of parts and after sales services

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